Top Tablets For Kids Under 7 Years Old

The generation has changed and kids now are more tech savvy than a decade ago. There is hardly any kid left who cannot work on a tablet and in fact, their world is getting confined within few inches of the tablet. However, the tablets can be very useful for the kids if it is used wisely. The use of the tablets, however, depends upon the tablet itself. There are ranges of tablets available in the market but there are few that are best for your kids when they are below 7 years. Here is how and which tablets are best for your kids.

  1. Amazon for Kids Edition1

This is a special edition from the Amazon for your kids. The tablet comes with Childproof case and it is very solid and strong. The worry-free guarantee of the tablet gives the freedom of using it recklessly. There are over 20000 websites absolutely appropriate for the kids. In addition to it, the Amazon Fire Kids Edition comes with YouTube Videos for your kids. This is a 7 inches tablet that comes for a very cheap price of around $99.

  1. Leap Frog Epic


This is a specially designed tablet for the kids. This is an Android tablet with 1.3 GHz processor and 16 GB memory. The major attraction of the tablet is the ranges of games and ebooks for the kids. There are many learning apps as well that can help you to learn new things. This is considered one of the best tablets as far as the features and price are concerned. This is priced at around $128.

  1. Fuhu Nabi Pass Tab


This is an excellent tab for the kids. There are ranges of games, movies, apps and ebooks for the kids. The tab features excellent options for the learning and growing activities of your kids. This is priced at around $158.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids


This is another tablet specially designed for the kids. The Android Tablet has a lot of learning apps for the kids that will not only help the kids to learn but grow as well. This is easy to use and comes with a strong build for reckless handling of the kids. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is also quite cheap and can be availed below $200.

  1. Apple iPad mini 4


The kids have become smarter in the new generation and responsible too. You may hesitate to buy them the costly Apple iPad mini 4, but it can be a great purchase for your kids. The small screen gives the comfort to use it effectively and you can have ranges of options that can help your kid to learn new things. It is however highly priced for around $399. Besides that, you can also use it for yourself.

Kids, especially below 7 years, need the platform and opportunity to learn and these tablets are excellent gadgets to give your kid the same along with lots of fun and entertainment. If your kid is tech savvy, then give him the best so that it can be maximized.