The Very Best 3D Printers On The Market

Printers have evolved in recent times. The evolution of printers has been a tale to be told and now it is one among the best in the industry. The 3D printers are the new sensation of the industry and advancement of technology. The process of 3D technology is based on the Additive Manufacturing. The printer uses successive layers that create the 3D printing. This is one of the best technologies that have come through in the recent times. The common materials like Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and Polylactic acid or polylactide are generally used for the 3D printers. There are ranges of 3D Printers available in the market and different factors are included for selecting the best 3D printers. It can be color, size, weight and many others. However, the quality is the most important thing for selecting the best 3D printer and here are the best of 3D printers.

Cube Pro Trio


You may need to have different colors to print different materials, but with the Cube Pro Trio, you can print three different materials at one session. This is very helpful for the enclosed mechanism. There are three different structures for the Cube Pro Trio. Nylon is basically used for the gears of the printers. There are different structures for the ABS that is used for surround structure and PLA for the support structure. This is basically an ideal 3D printer for the modern engineers who want to take the print for moving objects or parts. However, the price range of the printer is on the higher ranges. The price range is around $4299. This comes with a limited warranty range of 2-3 years.

Air wolf 3D HD2x


This has a huge print area that can produce enticing 3D Print. This is also multiple material printers and is designed for the prototyping from the core. It has a semi-enclosed structure. The structure has been implemented for to protect the plastic while printing. You can even carry out Autonomous Printing and you don’t even need a computer. If you are a product designer and want a large print bed with multiple color and materials then there is hardly anything better than this. The price range is for this 3D material is around $3995. The warranty of the printer is around 2-3 years.



This is one of the oldest printers that have been in use since a long time. It looks pretty similar to the conventional product. However, the most astonishing part has been the print quality and the consistency of the printer. The auto calibration is highly regarded as the best feature of the printer. The printer is semi-enclosed and is highly efficient. This is also very affordable in nature and is available in the range of $2899. This is however known for the replicator and is in the 5th generation. As far as the customer reviews are concerned this is highly recommended for home enthusiasts. The warranty is for around 2-3 years.

These are considered one of the best 3D Printers available in the market.