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lg g6 prices

LG G6 Prices

Once flagships are announced, and even before, people tend to focus on the specifications and features of the phone. Most leaks have all this information but none usually addresses the price of the phone once it hits the market. It is one thing to know which features to expect but it is another to know how much you need to be prepared to part with in order to get that… Read Article →

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. LG G5

Samsung and LG are some of the fiercest competitors when it comes to smart phones and other devices in the market. The two companies both have new handsets in the market: the S7 Edge and G5 respectively. How do these two compare? Display The Galaxy S7 Edge has a super AMOLED display with 1440 by 2560 pixels. It is 5.1 inches and has 577 ppi which provides for more pixel… Read Article →