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Are Amazon Hoverboards Safe Or Not?

Amazon came to the highlight when it released the self-balancing hoverboards. These are extremely helpful for the people who love to be in motion. Well, it certainly looks interesting. However, the safety concerns are still looming over the hoverboards. The Amazon hoverboards have seen many complaints of fire from the scooters. Even though, Amazon has clarified many times about the battery malfunction. However, that does not mean that Amazon has… Read Article →

Best Gadget Blogs

Technology and Gadgets are continuously evolving and getting better with each day.  It is true that to monitor and be aware of each and every fact from the world of technology is not so easy job. However, there are many blogs that help you to keep updated about the gadgets and technology related to it. These blogs are not only famous for updated data but also for authentic information and… Read Article →