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iphone 7 review

iPhone 7 Review

According to rumors, Apple is set to release the iPhone 7 on September 7 and open up for pre-orders on September 9. There have been rumors and speculations about what the iPhone 7 will look like and the features that it will have. As is with other flagships, it is expected that the iPhone 7 will be a step up from the iPhone 6S and the newer variant that was… Read Article →

Why Do People Buy Overpriced MacBook Pro Retina ?

The Apple MacBook Pro Retina is an expensive product to buy. However, this could be the only thing that users do not like about the product. Even though the MacBook Pro is overpriced but still there is no decline in the sale of the product. There are many reasons behind it and these can be very satisfactory as well. Comparison The comparison for the pricing of the Apple MacBook is… Read Article →

Impressive engineering details in Apple’s hardware products

Apple is considered one of the best-engineered products in the world. The awesome engineering of the products makes it the best product to go for in the market. It is true that research, experiments and experience are the base of the engineering, but one will be amazed to know the details of the engineering that the Apple comes up with the products. MacBook 12 Logic Board The MacBook 12 Logic… Read Article →

Which one you choose: Google or Apple Maps?

There was a time when Google Maps used to be the undisputed king. Apple came with the Apple Maps in 2012 but was drastic in results. There was no comparison between Google Maps and Apple Maps as part of Navigation system at that point of time. However, after series of acquisition and improvement, the new Apple Maps in IOS 9 has improved a lot. The comparison between Google Maps and… Read Article →

Security Apps for IOS

Security has taken the center stage since last decade. The rise of cyber crime and the web security have become a potential threat for all users. When it comes to the Apple products, the security is always top notch. The iPhone or the iPad is known for the secured and protected features. The IOS Operating System always gets updated to get the highest protection. However, even then, there is always… Read Article →