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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. LG G5

Samsung and LG are some of the fiercest competitors when it comes to smart phones and other devices in the market. The two companies both have new handsets in the market: the S7 Edge and G5 respectively. How do these two compare? Display The Galaxy S7 Edge has a super AMOLED display with 1440 by 2560 pixels. It is 5.1 inches and has 577 ppi which provides for more pixel… Read Article →

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung Galaxy S4

There are a number of ways to restore your photos after you have deleted them, intentionally or accidentally, on your Samsung Galaxy S4. These methods include using software that is downloadable from the internet. Examples of such include the Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery and Android Data Recovery. The underlying process is the same for most.   Recovery through software on computer   The steps are simple:   Download the software… Read Article →

Top Tablets For Kids Under 7 Years Old

The generation has changed and kids now are more tech savvy than a decade ago. There is hardly any kid left who cannot work on a tablet and in fact, their world is getting confined within few inches of the tablet. However, the tablets can be very useful for the kids if it is used wisely. The use of the tablets, however, depends upon the tablet itself. There are ranges… Read Article →

Samsung Galaxy A9 Rumors

Samsung is known for innovations, integrations, and applications. The South Korean Giant has released many Galaxy Series but the A Series is one of the most premium phones. Samsung uses premium metal for the Samsung and has already released many phones for the A Series. Samsung is ready for the new Galaxy A9 and if the reports are to be believed then it is going to be one of the… Read Article →

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Soon to be Sold in Europe

Samsung has kept away the new flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from the European market for close to six months. However, if the reports are true then the South Korean Giant would release the Note 5 in January 2016 in the UK and Europe Market. However, Samsung has yet to make an official statement on the same. But the anonymous statements are indicating that the Tech Giant is all but… Read Article →

Facebook’s Instant Articles Officially Go Live On Android Phones Today

After a test phase that began in October the fast-loading articles are debuting on Android, Google’s widely used mobile operating system. Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Articles are going live across all Android phones worldwide today following a public test phase that began in October. Instant Articles was first trialled on the company’s iPhone app and has been available to 100% of iPhone users since October. Instant Articles load 10 times faster… Read Article →

Which one you choose: Google or Apple Maps?

There was a time when Google Maps used to be the undisputed king. Apple came with the Apple Maps in 2012 but was drastic in results. There was no comparison between Google Maps and Apple Maps as part of Navigation system at that point of time. However, after series of acquisition and improvement, the new Apple Maps in IOS 9 has improved a lot. The comparison between Google Maps and… Read Article →