lg g6 prices

LG G6 Prices

Once flagships are announced, and even before, people tend to focus on the specifications and features of the phone. Most leaks have all this information but none usually addresses the price of the phone once it hits the market. It is one thing to know which features to expect but it is another to know how much you need to be prepared to part with in order to get that coveted phone.

The LG G6 was announced at the MWC on February 26 and is expected to hit the market on March 10 in Korea, with preorders scheduled for between 02 March and 09 March. For the US, however, the phone is expected to be on sale in April. But how much will it cost?


The LG G6 is expected to retail between $600 and $700. Cho Juno, the head of LG’s mobile division is quoted saying that the price of the handset, in Korea, will be approximately $797, which is quite a steep price. In fact, it is more towards the $800 mark.

Most people have defended the price stating that LG has made some improvements in the G6 that set it significantly ahead of the G5. They also note that this price is still cheaper than that of the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8 expected in April and later on in the year respectively.

The question then becomes whether the phone is worth that much and what exactly one would be receiving for that price.


One of the selling points of the G6 is the Dual Lens primary camera at 13 MP and a secondary 5 MP camera with autofocus and Optical Image Stabilization. The camera’s transition from regular angle to wide angle photos is one of the most impressive things about this camera. In addition to this, the phone has 3300mAh battery power which is impressive.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset and the LG UX 6.0 overlaying the Android Nougat launcher are also a part of the flagship’s package.

The 5.7 inch display with 564 pixels per inch for the density is nothing phenomenal as many other flagships also have similar features. One therefore fails to understand why the G6 is set to cost that much while its predecessor cost much less. However, once you unlock your LG G6, you will see bright, crisp and clear images!

US Carriers

The four major US carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have announced that they will have the LG G6 for their customers. However, none has indicated the exact date that people should expect to get the device or the exact price. They have only used their social media pages to announce that it will be soon, around end March and April. They have also not indicated the prices.

It is expected that the carriers will stick to the speculated price range of $600 to $700 thereabout. However, the carriers are expected to come up with periodic plans where the buyers will pay in installments in order to call the LG G6 their own in time. What is left is to wait patiently until the information is up on their websites.