Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Cases

Flagships are expensive. One needs to take extra care of a flagship once bought. The first step in doing this is buying protective gear for the phone. This includes cases and screen protectors among other things.

Samsung is expected to announce the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus alongside the S8 at the end of March. As such, there have been numerous leaks and rumors to the extent that there are already a number of high quality S8 Plus cases in the market. These are very affordable, considering the role they play in safeguarding one’s flagship. The best in the market include:

1. OEAGO Shock Proof Case

OEAGO Shock Proof Case Galaxy S8+

This case provides a dual layer of protection which allows it to be shock proof as well. This protects the S8 Plus from any damage caused by falls or bangs. It looks tough and rugged and may slightly interfere with the original aesthetic appeal associated with the S8 Plus but it is worth the protection received.

Users are spoiled for choice as they have access to this case in six different colors, one of which is black which is neutral and works for everybody. The kickback stand also allows the user to access landscape mode without a problem.

2. OEAGO S8 Plus Case

OEAGO S8 Plus Case

This wallet case cover is available in black. It is stylish and has card slots so you do not have to carry your wallet as well. Its heavy duty material protects the S8 Plus from breakage and bumps in case of falls.

It provides convenient access to all functions of the phone including buttons and the camera. Additionally, it has a kickstand to enable use of the S8 Plus in landscape mode without a hassle.

3. LK Gladiator series

LK Gladiator series S8 Plus case

This case is tough and rugged. Like the name suggest, this case is a gladiator. It is shock proof which is a great addition to the phone’s IP68 waterproof feature. The shock proof feature means that any bangs or falls will not cause harm to the phone if it is safely tucked away in this case. It is available in three colors, one of which is navy blue.

4. LK Slim Thin Case

LK Slim Thin Case S8 Plus

Made from TPU, this soft ultra thin case is resistant to scratches ensuring that the S8 Plus does not have cosmetic wear and tear anytime soon. It is soft, making the user experience pleasant. It is also super thin thus does not add unnecessary bulk to the phone. It comes in four colors including a refreshing mint color that can add some pop to the S8 Plus.

5. Tauri Slim Thin Case

Tauri Slim Thin Case S8 Plus

It is clear which means that everyone can still admire the beauty of your S8 Plus. It comes in a variety of three colors including an elegant smoke black. It guarantees protection from scratches, grazes, bumps and unsightly wear and tear on the S8 Plus. Additionally, it has a textured interior. These dots ensure that no air bubbles are trapped to the back of the S8 Plus.


While phone cases may add to the phone in terms of size and width, they are important as they save you from the heartache that comes with damaging your new phone. These cases are readily available for cheap on Amazon.