samsung galaxy note 7 colors

Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

The Galaxy Note 7 is set to be released in August 2016. While there have been many speculations about the design, display and specifications of the phablet, the cases that are already streaming into shops confirm a few things about the design of the phone. One is that it will definitely have curved edges.

MobileFun is at the forefront of providing these cases. It is not the first time that we have seen the seller come out ahead of the pack in selling accessories such as cases. These cases are important because they will protect the prized device, the Note 7, which will definitely cost a handsome amount. It is expected that cases for the Note 7 will be very similar to those for the S7 and S7 Edge owing to the similarity in these flagships. But now that there are Note 7 cases in the market, which is the best to have?

1. Lens Cover

This is one of the coolest and most attractive covers ever made. It includes a detachable, wide angle lens that is purely stainless steel which has optical zoom up to x2. This is the ultimate cover for the Note 7 although it does not work to provide much protection for the phone only that it is important in breaking falls.

Samsung Lens Cover

It sets back the buyer about $110 which is an added headache in case the phone falls. On the bright side though, the case is cheaper than the phone. However, it is important to have tempered glass on the screen as well.

2. Clear View Cover Case

Available in different colors such as Black, Blue and Gold, these cases are simple and do not interfere with the aesthetics of the Note 7.

Clear View Cover Case For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

One is able to see the beauty of the phablet as well as protect it from scratches and dents due to falls. It would be best used alongside a screen protector so as to safeguard the screen against scratches as well.

3. QWERTY Keyboard cover

Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard Cover

Like the lens and clear covers, this case should be used alongside a glass protector to safeguard the screen. The QWERTY cover gives the illusion of a keyboard on the completely touch screen Note 7. It is attractive and therefore adds to the aesthetic appeal of the Note 7. It comes with a back cover for ample protection in case of falls.

4. Flip Wallet LED Cover

Flip Wallet LED Cover

This case is popular because of the LED feature. It protects the phone against scratches on the screen due to exposure, dents and bangs that the phone might be prone to when it falls. It would also be best used with a screen protector but because it is a flip wallet, it has this pretty well covered. It is also available in Black, Blue and Gold.

5. S-View Case

s view case note 5

This is a standard case that protects both the screen and the back of the phone. It is not as attractive and will definitely hide some of the Note 7’s beauty behind it. However, it is available in Yellow, Blue, Black and Gold which are colors that could add some spice to the look of the case.