Are Amazon Hoverboards Safe Or Not?

Amazon came to the highlight when it released the self-balancing hoverboards. These are extremely helpful for the people who love to be in motion. Well, it certainly looks interesting. However, the safety concerns are still looming over the hoverboards. The Amazon hoverboards have seen many complaints of fire from the scooters. Even though, Amazon has clarified many times about the battery malfunction. However, that does not mean that Amazon has defended the battery misfire. It has already taken back many hoverboards, but the question arises whether the Amazon hoverboards are safe?


What is the issue?

The batteries of the self-balancing scooters are often getting exploded and that can be very hazardous in nature. The experts are claiming that the issue can be due to the poor battery and other materials. No confirmation has been made on the entire issue. Amazon has recalled some of the hoverboards for pure battery and that has showed some sort of emergency in the entire situation.


The hoverboards are getting manufactured in China and that is being directly shipped to various other parts. It is true that battery has been an issue since long days in the China made product but that depends upon the product and the battery capacity. The batteries of the hoverboards are generally bigger in size and that too with high power. Any leak to the battery can be very hazardous in nature. The small battery may often go wrong but the scale of the explosion is very less. However, due to larger battery size, the hoverboards make huge sound and explosion. Recently, a hoverboard was exploded in a shopping mall in Washington according to The Guardian, that created huge panic but thankfully no causality was reported. It shows the magnitude of the problem can be large.

Is it really safe?


Hoverboards have become very popular in recent times. That has attracted any manufacturers to come into the fray including the fraud ones. There are many hoverboards available in the market now and many of them are poor quality and duplicate products. The poor quality products are often creating the explosion and that is, in turn, creating the fear as well. However, the experts believe that the top manufacturers are maintaining a high standard and that can be reliable as well. It is up to the customers to buy the top quality product. Amazon is known for reliable services and it is expected that the products will be high in quality and safe as well.